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white melamine board for aluminium backed pcb

aluminium backed pcb

      Aluminum-backed PCBs are  the same as the copper-backed ones. The only difference is the use of either copper or aluminum substrate board. Aluminum-backed boards  characterized as having a thermal clad layer. that helps it to disperse heat a lot better.
      This ability is what makes this type of PCB to be an excellent solution for high power applications. Besides dispersing heat, the layer also has cooling components. These parts are what allow the board to have increased  performance.
       Aluminum based PCB, also named Aluminium PCB, metal clad (MCPCB) PCB. insulated metal substrate(IMS or IMPCB) PCB. conductive PCBs, etc. It is generally including single layer. double layer and multi layer.

aluminium backed pcb

aluminium drill bit PCB specification

Operating theory:

The power device surface mounting on circuit layer. it is  suited for the mounting of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs).  dissipating the heat generated by power devices.
Aluminum based PCB used:
Aluminum base PCB used:
1. Audio devices: input, output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier.etc.
2. Power Supply: Switching Regulator,DC / AC converter,SW regulator.
3. Telecommunications electronic equipment: high-frequency electric amplifiers ,Filtering appliance ,Transmitter circuit,etc.
4. Office automation equipment: Electric motor, drives.etc
5. Automotive: Electronic regulator, Ignition, Power Controllers.etc
6. Computer: CPU board ,Floppy drive ,Power Device.etc
7. Power Modules:Converter, solid-state relay ,Power Rectifier bridges,etc
8. Lamps Lighting: with the promotion of energy-saving lamps, Aluminum base PCB.  used on LED lights ,begin large-scale application.


Quick Turn
Prototype Quantities
Production Quantities
2 – 44 Layers
15:1 Drill Aspect Ratio
Maximum Panel Size – 24″ x 30″
Blind / Buried Vias. & Micro Vias
Via In Pad with Fill Options
(Conductive, Non-Conductive, Copper Plug)
Controlled Impedence


 Outerlayer Trace / Space.003″ / .004″
Innerlayer Trace / Space.003″ / .004″
Minimum Drilled Hole.0059″
Standard Drilled Hole.010″
Drill Aspect Ratio15:1
Minimum Pad Size.008″
Minimum Feature to Edge.010″
Minimum Core Thickness.002″
Controlled Depth DrillingYESSequential LaminationYES 

drilling aluminium advantages

Heat dissipation is  superior to standard FR-4 constructions.
The dielectrics used are  5 to 10 times as  conductive as conventional epoxy-glass. and a tenth of the thickness
Thermal transfer  more efficient than a conventional rigid PCB.
Lower copper weights than suggested by the IPC heat-rise charts can  used.
Heat Dissipation
      the most important advantage of aluminum-backed PCBs. it can help heat to dissipate a lot better and more . Aluminum  known to be an excellent material. for dispersing heat away from the circuit board’s most important parts. With aluminum material. the heat  dissipated in  the open air that helps to avoid causing severe damage.
Longer Lifetime
     Aluminum has a longer life than any other materials found. inside the circuit board, such as the insulation and copper foil. With that, you can expect that aluminum PCBs won’t be peeling away anytime soon. It means you can save on buying another PCB for your applications. since it can last longer than other circuit boards.
Environmentally Friendly
     If there is any material that you can trust. will not have any adverse effects on the environment – that is aluminum. This material is not only non-toxic but also a recyclable material. Thanks to that, it is the number choice of many engineers who are looking for eco-friendly PCB options.
Low Cost
      Another of the reasons why many engineers choose aluminum-backed PCBs is. because it is an inexpensive option. The material is easy to find that contributed to the low cost price of this type of printed circuit board.

melamine aluminium

white melamine board for aluminium backed pcb

     Printed Circuit Board Drilling melamine, Flexible Circuit Board Double Sided, Surface Mount, Back-Plane. High Density Interconnect MLB,
       White drilling melamine wood fibreboard is. a fresh kind of drilling backup material for back drill pcb micro hole. and does apply for micro size hole on exact multi-layer circuit board .
      white melamine sheets  for the Circuit Board drill, multilayer board and flexible board. Particularly made to change the Phenolic back-up board. its surface area hardness is  as great as the Phenolic board . and accord with environmental safety standard. Using its stabilize dimension, board drill for pcb’s hard to distort and simple to cope with after using.

melamine aluminium board for pcb supplier - Yueshan

     backup board is a new type of composite drill backing board. The main features are drill bit cooling,lubricating and drillbit cleaning. guaranteed by a unique and patented engineered surface resin system.
      Reduced Drill Temperature - YUESHAN’s unique lubricated resin layer  reduces drill temperature. minimizing drill wear and thus minimizing heat related hole defects.
Improved Hole Wall Quality - the lubrication of the drill, provided by the unique resin layer. reduces hole wall roughness and extends drill life.
      as long-standing  melamine board suppliers with Technical equipment and experience. YUESHAN have always guaranteed the same high quality of products.
      our white fibre board is especially manufactured for circuit board Drilling. The backup material  coated with melamine in a continuous process. which leads to very good flatness in combination with perfect thickness tolerance. and distribution.
      We are among the leading firms. engaged in offering a quality PCB backup board /melamine backup board. at budget-friendly market prices. These  manufactured using premium quality raw materials. as per the existing industrial standards of quality. Factors that have given us an edge over other competitor firms are:

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