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What is PCB DRILLING backup board

circuit board drilling of holes in single sided, double sided. and/or multilayer circuit board laminates is a particularly critical machining operation in pcb drill factory . Good quality holes drilling in pcb are essential to producing high quality circuit boards. A good quality hole is one that produced having minimal defects. Such defects  include resin smear, nail heading, rough hole walls. and inaccuracy in the size or position of the hole on the board. The drilling operation itself can result in problems with the holes. such as surface burrs. and epoxy smears. A complete solution to these problems requires the use of a board. which attached to the back of the circuit board. during the hole drilling operation (a "back-up board").
Most back-up boards made with a wood core which contains chips and flakes of cellulose and resin. which laminated with phenolic, melamine, epoxy or aluminum cover sheets. Although better than many other products. these materials can leave dust in the drilled holes, aluminum galled to the drill tip. or can cause excessive drill wear.
Solid phenolic back-up boards tend to be very dense and abrasive. They can also cause hole-wall degradation. from chip-pressure built up in the drilling process. and can chip and wear the drill bits.
Softer woods, like medium density fiberboard (MDF). can be very dusty, and are not hard enough to prevent burring of the bottom panel of the circuit board drilled. The hardness of these woods generally range from 65-75 shore-d. Although this material will cut drill wear. it is not applicable for the higher aspect ratio drilling which required by many PCB DRILLER.
It is a subsidiary material used together with LX and SG sheet in CNC drilling process. In the PCB drilling process. it protects the equipment and bits after perforating the printed circuit board. 

PCB drilling backup board

PCB back drilling board Features

-Stable high quality, outstanding price/ quality ratio;
-Unique adding to lower drill temperature. minimizing drill wear and removal chips easy
-Specail structure reduce drill burr. Deburring can  reduced or eliminated
-Excellent thickness tolerance improve hole quality
-White surafce helps visual drill check
-Use environmental friendly material and technology to keep health and no pollution
-Unique auto adaptive technology can improve drilling quality in back-drilling board.. thick board and heavy copper board
-Replace conventional paper laminated white board and uv white board

DRILL board for pcb board advantages

-It's a composition of the Melamine paper and wooden fiber board with high density. It's especially made  to replace the Phenolic backup board.
-It's difficult to distort. The warping degree is smaller than the Phenolic backup board.
-It reduces the abrasion of the drill and lengthens the life of drill.
-It can save the cost and it has more sizes.
-It doesn't pollute the environment.
-It can used for the hole on precise multi-layer board and flexible board.

Drilling pcb backup board packing 

-pack these material according to industy standard, ensure its safty and stability. 
-in general, spare parts should be send by express, DHL
- when invoice excess, shipment need to clear the customs according to China customs law.
-you can appoint the express as your preference

PCB drilling backup board Application

White Melamine Backup Board  Suitable for use in High -class. and precision PCB drilling
back-up materials, and more particularly, to laminated back-up materials used. when drilling holes in printed circuit boards..


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