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Phenolic board repacement for PCB circuit board drilling

white melamine backup board ,design to replace Phenolic board, made up of paper impregnated with phenolic resin ,inner with high density wood fibre board. This backup material applies to drill process in pcb manufacture process which has high need on mech
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Back up material for circuit board drilling

circuit board drill entry and backup board. as a pcb board material ,commonly used for the PCB drilling process with high grade. and precise grade. Base material with HDF board ( high density wood fiber )of pine tree. willow tree, eucalyptus tree. and poplar tree etc.Top laminate with white melamine paper phenolic resin.
The main application for phenolic resin back up boards is as the protective entry. or back-up board while drilling. or routing of flexible and/or rigid printed circuit boards (PCB).
the inner layers of this backup material: high density fibre board . available two density option as 830kg/m3 and 880kg/m3.
pcb drilling back up board

Circuit board drilling backup Phenolic board description

Thickness 2.7mm,2.5mm, 2.0mm,
Thickness Tolerance &cjiamn;0.15(WM27 WM25),&cjiamn;0.10 (WM20)
Surface Hardness 80&cjiamn;3 degree(shore D)
Usual Sizes 37"×49",41"×49",43"×49"
Special Sizes Cut to sizes on customers’ requests
Size Tolerance &cjiamn;2mm
Destiny 980&cjiamn;30kg/m3
Flexural Strength ≤0.6% of diagonal length
Fabrication Suitability Sawing or drilling
Strength against Bending ≥55N/mm2
Surface Roughness smooth
Water Content 5.5%~7.0%
Expansion Rate after Moisture Absorption (24h) ≤35%
Formaldehyde Release ≤30mg/100g
Package 250pcs/pallet
Storage Full package, keep even, room temperature, put in ventilated place, caution against water, damp, keep away from fire and hot things
Period of Validity Store as the terms given above,six months from shipping date


Drill Entry Board features

As a typlic replacement of Phenolic Drill Entry Board material. constructed of layers of kraft papers impregnated with modified phenolic resin. It is the most economical entry board material.
FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Entry Board - Phenolic
Drill backing Board
Flat surface
Eliminates burr
Eliminates smearing
Resistance to surface marks
Good hole finish
Reduces drill temperature and extends drill life

Characteristics & Applications Fabricating Suitability Minimum Diameter for Drilling (mm)
For BGA drilling entry or back-up use,low percentage of warp and twist No smear or burr occurrence while drilling ≧0.15φ
For PCB drilling entry or back-up use, low percentage of warp and twist No smear or burr occurrence while drilling ≧0.2φ
For BGA drilling entry or back-up use, low percentage of warp and twist No smear or burr occurrence while drilling ≧0.10φ

pcb wood

Paper Phenolic Circuit Board Materials application

The flat surface of the material. provides the perfect support for the copper clad panels. preventing the build-up of burrs. around the holes.
1. BGA Drilling Process
2. HDI Drilling Process
3. Multilayer Board Drilling Process
4. Customization Service

Phenolic board VS white melamine back up board

PH-BOARD (paper-phenolic drilling boards / back-up boards), made of paper and phenolic resin.
MPH-BOARD (melamine paper-phenolic drilling boards), made from paper and phenolic resin. covered with melamine foil on both sides.
W-BACK UP (wooden back up board), made of compressed wood fibres with a smooth, glossy and hard surface.
MW-BACK UP (melamine wooden back-up board). made from compressed. wood fibres coated both sides with a special white composite foil. which provides material with a smooth, glossy and extra hard surface.
PH Board made up of paper and phenolic resin. The material  used as both as entry and a backing board during drilling process.
Composition MW Back up made of compressed wood fibres coated both sides. with a special white composite foil
In a word, compare to melamine board. Melamine baord is more cost efffective and Environmental protection. Thus, we suggest you buy white melamine entry baord and backup baord for PCB drilling in Yuehsan

white melamine board for pcb drill suppliers

Yueshan Industries, Inc. is a leading Phenolic resins laminates manufacturer with advanced technology and excellent reputation. The main products are Phenolic resin/paper based laminates (bakelite),. MDF Board, Press Cushion Kraft paper. treating Kraft paper, Aluminum Entry Board and Diamond Coating Router.
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Phenolic Laminate Sheet, FR4, Cushion paper, MDF board, Insulating Material, Back-up board, Entry-board. Diamond coating router and Aluminum lubrication entry sheet. drilling back-up/entry board, routing back-up/entry board
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