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Wood fiberboard back up board for PCB drilling

Back up Board for pcb drilling is boards of different types of wood fibreboard,. made of urea formaldehyde. or phenolic resin or other resin. and wood fiber board made by different producing process.Medium and high density fibreboard materials,
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Back up board for PCB drilling process

      White Melamine Wood Backup Board is boards of different types of plate. made of urea formaldehyde. or phenolic resin. or other resin and wood fiber board made by different producing process.
      Medium and high density fibreboard materials. with or without more surface layers. suitable for use as a back-up material in PCB drilling and routing applications. in various thicknesses and thickness tolerance classes.
      Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF) called density fibreboard. As a backup board for pcb drilling, so it also called wood backup board. It made of wood fibers or other plant fibers as raw materials. prepared by fibers, applied synthetic resins, and pressed under heating and pressure.
    PCB drilling white melamine Entry and Backup Board is a board. made up of urea formaldehyde or other resin. and phenolic resin or wood fiber board made by different process of different types of plate.

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wooden fiberboard description

Product Name:Wood Backup Board
Type: PCB drilling boad
Application: Used in PCB/FPC driling hole;
Thickness: 2.0,2.5,2.6,2.7mm   &cjiamn;0.15mm;
Wood board sizes: 
37"*49"(940mm*1245mm), 41"*49"(1041mm*1245mm), 43"*49"(1092*1245mm); 
Density: 980&cjiamn;30%kg/m³;
Surface Hardness: 80&cjiamn;5N/mm2(Shores D)
Thickness (mm): 2.0/2.5&cjiamn;0.15
Hardness (Shore-D): 70/75 &cjiamn;5
Density (Kg/m3): 830/880&cjiamn;15
Size (inch): 37"x49", 41"x49", 43"x49"   
Apparance: Original color(Allow some color difference)
Warpage: ≤0.6% Of diagonal


wood backing board for drilling pcb holes Feature

-Stable dimension and not easy to distort;improve the service life of the drill bit;
-Stable material quality and the outstanding performance;
-Uniform thickness and extreme hardness.
-Economic drilling backup board, competitive price and lower drilling cost.
-Flatten surface can reduce drilling burr.
-Increase drilling quality.
-Environment friendly product.
-High precision, no stratification or shedding.
-Effective inhibition of boreholes.
-Smooth and flat surface, less affected by climate change.
-Suitable hardness, can reduce drill wear and prolong life.
-Good dimensional stability
- Easy to drill
- Economical
-For use in the production of printed circuit boards

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white melamine PCB drilling Entry and Backup Board advantages

      PCB drilling white melamine Entry and Backup Board is a kind of new type of drilling cushion for small hole. Then it turn to be compound board with solidity surface and stretchy midst core. 
It can 
-Reduced drill temperature and drill wear.
-Increased hit counts, reducing cost per hole drilled.
-Increased stack heights.
-Excellent drill cleaning and chip formation.
-Improved hole-wall quality.
-Reduced costs
      Due to the clean, flat and hard surface PCB drilling entry boards. and back up board  provide accurate drill entry. and even at the highest drill speeds, the drills and the smallest holes are not damaged.

drilled melamine board application

      White Melamine wood Backup Board for PCB drilling is a kind of new type of drilling cushion for small hole. Then it turn to be compound board with solidity surface and stretchy midst core. It can used for the hole on precise multilayer circuit board. It’s designed to replace the phenolic backup board in particular. especially for the pinhole aperture, multilayer board. and flexible Board. 
it is for: 
PCB/ FPCB drilling and routing entry/ backup board.
Minimum diameter for drilling: 0.15(mm)
Minimum diameter for driiling is only for reference.
Different drilling parameters will cause various results.
White melamine laminated fiberboard storage
Temperature: Below 27 degrees Celsius
Humidity: Below 60%
Please place the entry board 
Avoid rubbing the entry board against other objects


PCB white fiberboard sheets packaging

PACKING: Cut panels put into cartons or packed in 100 pcs shrink wrapped and loaded on pallets.

Size in mm Packing in pcs/pellet FOB price in USD/pcs
1245x1092 200 2.770
1245x1040 200 2.660
1245x939 200 2.440
455.5x608.5 800 0.663
460x610 800 0.663
508x610 800 0.71
535x610 800 0.729

China White Melamine Backup Board supplier - Yueshan

       Yueshan, founded in Foshan, China. produces the phenolic resin laminates of drilling backup board. and insulating material to the Print Circuit Board and mechanical industries.
      We supply 2.0mm/2.5mm2.7mm White Melamine wood pcb drill Backup Board
     We can make adjustments to the Lubricant Entry Boards. and white melamine back up board based on our client’s drill bit specifications.
     We can provide entry boards of various dimensions according to our client’s needs
     Our ServicesSpecific designed to meet differents customers's requirements.


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