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Back Up Board is a paper-base laminate with low phenolic resin content for hard, flat surfaces. This material used in the printed circuit board industry. as a backup for the drilling operation. It is also used in other industries for tooling stock. becaus
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 melamine white drilled panel

      circuit board drill entry and backup board. as a pcb board material ,used for the PCB drilling process with high grade. and precise grade. Base material with HDF board ( high density wood fiber )of pine tree. willow tree, eucalyptus tree. and poplar tree etc.Top laminate with white melamine paper phenolic resin.
      the inner layers of this backup material: high density fibre board . available two density option as 830kg/m3 and 880kg/m3.
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     Circuit board drill backup board Have a certain surface hardness (reach to 80+-2 shore)to ensure. that the machine drills bit removal chip  to keep the drill holes wall clear and reduce the drilling burr.  but not too hard and wear the drill bit to protect the pcb driller.
      drilling printed base material made of wood fibre, which has no resin composition. and this drill bed does not produce the melting resin ball adhering to the holes wall. when high speed mechanical drilling.
      this printed circuit exit material has certain heat conduction function. which takes away the  heat generated during board drilling. reduces the high temperature of the drill bit during speed drilling. and prevents annealing of the drill bit.
     Ideal exit material for high precision pcb manufacturing. Material uniformity, less impurities, no metal impurities. in line with ROHS standards.
      Thickness tolerance of this product controlled within (+0.15mm) to . avoid frequent change of drilling machine bit height during pcb panels drilling.
      pcb hole size can within 0.3mm.The performances of drilling holes are higher than. those of non-professional rotary perforated wood fiberboard, medium density PN wood fiberboard. high density PS wood fiberboard and resin wood fiberboard. which are close to phenolic pcb board. drill size. drill diameter can less than 0.3mm
     pcb board custom service.  such as drills registration holes,cut to size also provide for back drill pcb.

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backing board description

Medium or high density fiberboard used for medium or low PCB drilling. Board planing is good and make sure that drill isn't wear and tear. Drilling without Phi peak has better chip removal and cleanliness. It is the most affordable of the drilling pad drilling.
Thickness 2.0/2.5mm
Tolerance of thickness &cjiamn;0.15mm
Tolerance of size &cjiamn;2mm
Warping degree ≤0.8%
Density ≥900kg/m3(HDF)
Hardness 72&cjiamn;5N/ mm²(shores D)
Standard size 37″*49″ 41″*49″ 43″*49″
940*1245mm 1041*1245mm 1092*1245mm

pcb back drill

      Controlled Depth Drilling (CDD), also known as back drilling. is a technique used to remove the unused part, or stub, of copper barrel from a thru-hole in a printed circuit board. When a high-speed signal travels between PCB layers through a copper barrel. it can distorted. If the signal layer usage results in a stub being present. and the stub is long, then that distortion can become significant.
      These stubs can removed by re-drilling those holes after the fabrication is complete. with a larger drill. The holes are back drilled to a controlled depth, close to, but not touching, the last layer used by the via. Allowing for fabrication and material variations. a good fabricator can back drill holes to leave a 7mil stub. the remaining stub will be less than 10mil.
     Most used for vias, and also for press-fit backplane connectors. back drilling provides a cost-effective solution to. help manage the signal quality for high-speed signal paths. It offers lower cost than the sequential lamination technique used for blind. and buried vias.
      Back drilling achieved by:
      Defining a Largest Via Stub Length (Back drilling) design rule . which defines the nets of interest, and also the largest allowable stub length. Note that this stub length is not a drill setting, it is the value the software uses to check for remaining stubs. during a batch DRC.
The size of the drill used for back drilling defined by via/pad hole size + 2 x Oversize setting. in the applicable design rule.
The depth that the hole is back drilled to defined by configuring a drill pair. that specifies the start and stop layers for back drills from that side of the board.
      Drill Depth
The back drilling depth is a calculated value, not a number you enter into a dialog. You define the start and stop layers. the software calculates the drill depth required to back drill. through all layers between the start and stop layers. including the start layer thickness.  but not the stop layer thickness (back drilling stops at that layer). The start-stop layers defined by. adding a drill definition in the Drill-Pair Manager dialog.
      The hole drilled up to, but not touching, the stop layer specified in the drill pair. The depth of the drill action defined by:
     Depth = Sum of all layer thicknesses from start layer to stop layer - stop layer thickness
     The layer thicknesses are the values entered into the Layer Stack Manager. The back drill start-stop layers defined by adding a Back drill pair in the Drill-Pair Manager. click the Drill Pairs button in the Layer Stack Manager to open it. The image below shows the layer thickness values used to. calculate the back drill depth of a top side back drill. and a bottom side back drill.
      Drill Size
The drill size calculated from:
Back Drill Size = Via/Pad hole size + 2 x Design Rule Backdrill Oversize
         Rather than entering a specific drill size for back drilling. you define how much larger the back drill is over the original via or pad hole size. The oversize specified as a radial amount in the design rule. along with any tolerance requirements for the back drilled holes, as shown below.

back drilling pcb features

are rigid boards on back
 used on 8 layers or above
Board thickness is over 2.5mm
 Minimum hold size is 0.3mm
 Backdrill is 0.2mm larger than the vias
Tolerance of backdrill depth+/-0.05MM

white pcb

melamine backing board advantages

Reduced deterministic jitter
Lower bit error rate (BER)
Less signal attenuation with improved impedance matching
Increased channel bandwidth
Increased data rates
Reduced EMI radiation from the stubs
Reduced excitation of resonance modes
Reduced via-to-via crosstalk
Aspect ratio can neglected (in contrast to blind vias)
Reduce interference of other signal
Improve signal integrity
Reduce partial plate thickness
Reduce the use of blind and buried vias to reduce the difficulty of PCB fabrication

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      Printed Circuit Board Drilling melamine, Flexible Circuit Board Double Sided.  Surface Mount, Back-Plane, High Density Interconnect MLB,
White drilling melamine wood fibreboard is a. fresh kind of drilling backup material for back drill pcb micro hole. and does apply for micro size hole on exact multi-layer circuit board .
      white melamine sheets for the Circuit Board drill, multilayer board and flexible board. Particularly made to change the Phenolic back-up board. its surface area hardness is as great as the Phenolic board . and accord with environmental safety standard. Using its stabilize dimension, board drill for pcb’s hard to distort and simple to cope with after using.

       YUESHAN BACKUP BOARD. are prominent Manufacturers of premium quality PCB wood fiber backup board. melamine backup board  aluminium entry sheets for Printed circuit drill. We have been operating since the past two decades. and have engaged in offering a vast array of Printed circuit drilling material. pcb sheet material .  PCB backup board. Aluminium entry board for PCB industry at cost effective prices to clients. Our extensive experience has. helped us meet the growing demands of our clients nation-wide.

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