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Phenolic Drill Entry Board material is constructed of layers of kraft papers impregnated with modified phenolic resin. It is the most economical entry board material. Phenolic Drill Entry Board Lightweight Flat surface Eliminates burr Eliminates
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What is PCB entry board

      Sometimes abbreviated as a board, a PCB is short for printed circuit board. and invented by Paul Eisler while working on a radio in 1936. A PCB made of plastic or fiberglass that holds ICs and other components. A good example of a PCB found in all computers today is the computer motherboard. The circuit board is most often green from the solder mask that coats the board, but. can be any other color, including red, blue, and even black. The picture is close-up of a printed circuit board. 
      To improve drilling accuracy and reduce burr. entry board sheet will placed on the copper clad plate to drilled to provide. heat dissipation and guidance. Paper backing plate will placed under the copper clad plate. during drilling to guide and protect the drilling needle. Do not put cover drilling will slip, and more easy to break the needle.

entry board

Printed Circuit Board

       A printed circuit board (PCB) serves as a foundation. and mechanical support for electronic components. Non-conductive surfaces, printed circuit boards are also referred to as etched wiring boards. and printed wiring boards. After it populated with conductive pathways, signal traces and electronic components. it referred to either as a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) or a printed circuit assembly (PCA).
       An entry material for use in drilling circuit boards to avoid marring of. such boards comprises a wood pulp-glass. composite substrate (14) having aluminum foil (15, 16). bonded to the opposite surfaces thereof. This entry material is cheap and has a stiffness enough to avoid upward bending or "oil canning". when pressure feet spaced from the drill employed to. hold the workpiece during drilling. and further has enough strength to withstand high torsional. drill forces with drills operating. for high rates of material removal. The double layers of foil separated. by the low heat conductive substrate material affords a pair of heat sinks. which more can carry away heat from the drill.

pcb manufacture process

      The first step in the manufacturing PCB (for two layer) is drilling. The CNC drill machines are enormous. Some of the machinces are setup to drill three panels at once. and one of the bigger machines (pictured below) could drill six panels of PCBs ! A layer of aluminum foil sheet laid down over the board stock. to help absorb and distribute heat from the drilling process.
      After drilling. the PCB panels have the aluminium foil sheet covering removed and are ran. through a machine to remove burs. and smooth out any other abraisions. that may have happened during the drilling process. This ensures that surface is uniform for the electroless chemical plating process. the next step. The aluminum foil sheet protects the board.
After drilled, the boards cleaned.

Entry board types


aluminum drill entry sheet

      aluminum drill entry sheet made from a special aluminium alloy with a hard temper. and made for the PCB industry.
      aluminum drill entry sheet used as an entry board for the printed circuit board industry. It is a material produced for PCBs, with a clean, flat . and hard surface that satisfies every demanding application.
      Due to the clean, flat and hard surface ALU entry boards. provide accurate drill entry and even at the highest drill speeds. the drills and the smallest holes are not damaged.

 Phenolic Drill Entry Board  

      phenolic circuit board (paper-phenolic drilling boards / back-up boards). made of paper and phenolic resin. Entry Board for PCB drilling. and production
      Phenolic Drill Entry Board material constructed. of layers of kraft papers impregnated with modified phenolic resin. It is the most cheap entry board material.
      The material used as both an entry and a backing board. during the drilling process in the manufacturing of PCBs.
      Thinner PH-boards used for routing and drilling, thicker PH-boards used for back-up boards.
      Due to the high temperature resistance of the resin. and the special combination of paper and resin. an accurate drill entry. and even at the highest drill speeds the drills and smaller holes are not damaged.

melamine paper-phenolic drilling boards 

      MPH-BOARD (melamine paper-phenolic drilling boards). made from paper and phenolic resin covered with melamine foil on both sides.
      The drilling melamine material used for the most demanding . drilling process in the manufacturing of PCBs.
      Due to the high temperature resistance of the resin. and the special hard melamine foil material it provides an accurate drill entry. and even at the highest drill speeds and smallest holes, drills will not damaged.
      The flat surface of the material provides the perfect support. for the copper clad panels preventing the build-up of burrs around the holes.

pcb manufacture process


PCB drill entry sheet manufacturers - Yueshan

      Yueshan Printed Circuit Board (PCB) entry sheets are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment which matches international standards. Tight thickness tolerance, flatness, dimensional accuracy and grease-free surface and hardness optimal for burr-free drilling required in the manufacture of PCB are ensured.
      Continuous upgrades and process improvement enable us to keep pace with the demands of its ever-growing clientele.
      The PCB entry sheets are wrapped with HDPE, hardboard on top and bottom of the stack, hoop iron along the length of the sheets and is placed on wooden skids with runners and finally put in wooden boxes. Silica gel packets for moisture protection are used.
Improved plating chemicals wicking
Excellent to make contribution to high quality products
Better drilling accurately
Longer drill bit lifecycle
Soluble lubricant àeasy rinse after drilling process
Contribution to cost reduction
Increase more stack

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