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PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board for PCB CNC

PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board. for PCB CNC Drilling Machine features a formulated lubricant film. that can applied onto the aluminum sheet via single layer precision coating techniques. The entry board’s simple compositio
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PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board for PCB CNC Drilling Machine

       PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board. for PCB CNC Drilling Machine features a formulated lubricant film. that can applied onto the aluminum sheet via single layer precision coating techniques. The entry board’s simple composition ensures consistent lubricant film quality. and increases ease of cleansing.Great hole position accuracy increases cpk
-Lubricating and heat dispersive design decreases hole roughness
-Reduces deviations in drill bit position to prevent circuit board damage and burring
-Decreases the heat. and wear of the drilling process to increase drill bit life and decrease broken rate
-hydrophilic lubricant discharges debris
-Allows for increased stack height to increase capacity use rate
-Can taped to the drilling machine and the tapes will be reusable.
-Used for a wide variety of drilling processes. the Drill Lubricant Entry Board performs well during micro hole drilling processes.
      PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board for PCB CNC Drilling Machine. run through plate processing board. and the board and the maintenance of machinery drilling rigs . early circuit board. With the improvement of the circuit board drilling technology development and demand. the circuit board drilling works discovered. and quality of different data plate on the drilling performance. have different secondary effects. such as reduced under the burr to improve the accuracy of the hole.  reducing cuttings residues, reducing wear and temperature burs drills. and so clean .

       Thuse . the development of different periods of the board presents. various types of plate information. from some of the early phenolic resin and epoxy backing plate.  and later in low-density wood fiber board , developed to a high density wood fiber plates. paper plate modified phenolic . melamine wood plate ( wood or melamine MDF ).  phenolic wooden plate ( or phenolic wood fiber board ) UV vegetarian plate.  ( or UV resin coated wood fiber board ) and there are some special , functional pads.

       such as the U.S. LCOA tile backing and lubrication plate gong. aluminum foil composite wood plate.  ( or aluminum foil composite phenolic -type wood fiber board ) forced requires drilling technology. and cost control pressures. after decades of development, the circuit board mechanical drilling pads. used in high density wood fiber board , melamine wood pallets, phenolic paper plate. phenolic wood plate , UV vegetarian plate , and with a small amount of a special type. such as lubrication plate and foil backing composite wood plate .

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White Melamine Backup Board Description

Use Used in PCB/FPC drilling hole
Thickness 1.5mm
Tolerance of thickness &cjiamn;0.05mm
Tolerance of size &cjiamn;2mm
Warping degree ≤0.5%
Density 1300--1400kg/m3
Hardness 90&cjiamn;5N/mm2(shores D)
Standard size 40″*48″ / 1020*1220mm

High density Wood fiberboard for PCB Features

-Composed of hydrophilic materials. the Drill Lubricant Entry Board is a green. and sustainable product that. does no harm to the manufacturing process and to the environment.
-A competitively priced, high performance product that is comparable to Japanese entry boards.
-The Drill Lubricant Entry Board has precise specifications. and can customized to meet your needs. You can rely on having a stable supply of product delivered to you.
-A quality, reliable product developed by a R&D team of specialists
PCB board drill entry and backup board Advantages:
-It is a composite of the Melamine paper and wooden fiber board with high density. It is especially made to replace the Phenolic backing board. 
-It is difficult to distort.  The warping degree is smaller than the same size of Phenolic board.
-It reduces the abrasion of the drill and lengthens the life of micro drill bits. 
-It can save the cost and it has more sizes. 
-It doesn’t pollute the environment.

White Melamine wood Backup Board Application

White Melamine wood Backup Board for PCB drilling is a kind of new type of drilling cushion for small hole. Then it turn to be compound board with solidity surface and stretchy midst core. It can used for the hole on precise multilayer circuit board. It’s designed to replace the phenolic backup board in particular. especially for the pinhole aperture. multilayer board and flexible Board. 

Pcb drilling Burr problem

       Drilling burr in PCB production is indispensable process. and it can't avoided for either electro-connection among layers or fixing elements. 
      The formation of pcb drilling burrs affects the PCB quality. and ends up in deburring processes. The burrs created from drilling processes is onerous to get rid of. and also the price of deburring is often much. 
      step-down of burr occurred in drilling method will scale back effort and time to get rid of burr. so the opening drilling. and deburr method square measure thought-about as necessary processes. to save lots of energy. 
      Since burr formation associated with method condition. and drill pure mathematics, experiments were dole out to. develop a Drilling Burr management Chart by variable feed. spindle speed and drill diameter and backup board material. 
       it tested that choose high density. and hardness backup board may be a sensible approaches to attenuate drilling burrs. and to green the PCB drilling method.
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White drilling melamine board supplier- yueshan

We are among the leading firms engaged in. offering a quality PCB backup board /melamine backup board. at cost effective market prices. These manufactured using premium quality raw materials . as per the existing industrial standards of quality. Factors that have given us an edge over other competitor firms are:
-High quality material
-Stringent quality inspection
-Timely delivery
-Quick and easy export
-Competitive prices
-Easy transaction manner
Our modern.  and world-class infrastructure unit located in FOSHAN, GUANGDONG and boasts of. having the latest machinery and technology to. help us manufacture an impeccable product range.
Our products manufactured in compliance with industrial quality standards using qualitative raw materials
Quality Assurance
The high quality of Superdrill SD-25-HD is
assured by ISO-9001 manufacturing processes. 
Ordering information
cut panels under customers
requirements. Panels can supplied on request
with tooling registration holes. 

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