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Lubricant White Backup Board

Lubricated backup board is a new type of composite drill backing board. The main features are drill bit cooling, lubricating. and drill bit cleaning, guaranteed by a unique. and patented engineered surface resin system. The unique resin sys
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Lubricant White Backup Board

      Lubricated backup board  is a new type of composite drill backing board. The main features are drill bit cooling, lubricating. and drill bit cleaning, guaranteed by a unique. and patented engineered surface resin system. The unique resin system offers low melting point lubricating characteristics. minimizes drill bit temperature rise and maximizes drill life. The resin system is water-soluble and removed during next wet processing.
      Lubricant white backup board used in PCB drilling. as backup material for high technology PCB ,High layer count. High temperature laminate ,Thick copper ,Small hole ,Thick boards ,Hard Laminate.
     When the drill bit passes through the hole site. the Drill Lubricant Entry Board’s hydrophilic resin lubricant. decreases the process’s friction. the reduced friction not only contribute to better hole wall quality. but also to increased drill bit life by decreasing the heat of the drilling process.
    Besides, the hydrophilic resin lubricant has formulated to discharge debris. The lubricant’s great heat resistance prevents. drill bits from breaking due to residual debris.
Other lubricant entry boards have a primer layer. between their lubricant film and aluminum sheet. These primers are usually non-hydrophilic, and are usually too hard. the hard primer increases wear on drill bits and thus decreases drill bit life.

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PCB Drill Lubrication Backup Materials description

Product name Lubricated backup board  
Composition high quality HDF 89%
  paper 5%
  Lubricated resin layer 5%
  unsaturated polyester resin 1%
Thickness  2.0/2.5/2.7mm  
Thickness tolerance +-10%  
Density  >800kg/m3  
Color white  
Other Sheets can be cut into require size  

Lubricant Backup size

Standard Thickness (mm) Thickness Tolerance (mm) Standard Dimensions (mm)
+1.5/-0.1 &cjiamn;0.05 (S)942×1245
1.5 2.0 &cjiamn;0.1 &cjiamn;0.1 (S)942×1245
1.5 &cjiamn;0.05 (S)942×1245

Type: PCB drilling boad
Thickness (mm): 0.4-1.5
Thickness tolerance (mm): &cjiamn;0.1/0.15
Hardness (Shore-D): 75&cjiamn;5
Density (Kg/m3): ≥880
Size (inch): 37"x49", 41"x49", 43"x49"
Appearance: Brown
Warpage: ≤0.6% Of diagonal

Lubricant Pretreated Aluminum Sheet for Drill PCB Board features

-excellent chipping and free flowing extraction
-properties means lower risk of flute blocking and drill breakage
-Reduced friction causes less wear on drill cutting edges, improving drill quality
-Reduced drill burr due to a smooth, hard and very thin overlay
-No phenolic or resin content to contaminate holes
-Excellent flatness and tight thickness tolerances
-Suitable for all drill diameters
-Usable on both sides without loss of quality. because of symmetrical build-up unique to production technique 
-BACK UP BOARD offers excellent flatness and with the tightest thickness tolerances.
-Uncoated drilling back-up board with a glossy, smooth surface.
-Usable on both sides.
-It has no phenolic resin, FHC, formaldehyde or hydrotropic additives.
-The flat, hard but flexible surface ensures excellent cutting. with almost any drilling tools.
-Used for PCB drilling
-Good surface flatness, good thickness tolerance

Lubricant backup board advantages

-Lubricant backup board can used for the hole on precise multi-layer circuit board. -It’s designed to replace the phenolic backup board in particular. for the pinhole aperture,multilayer board and flexible Board.
-It’s the surface hardness is the same as the phenolic backup board. but stabilize dimension and not easy to distort.
Lubricant backup board easy to treat with after using. and accord with environmental protection standard.
-Minimizes Burring – Provides a flat, hard surface for largest support to minimize burring.
-Increase Hole Quality – Premium quality materials that will not contaminate the hole wall.
-Reduces Drilling Temperatures . 
-Offers excellent heat dissipation characteristics resulting in 
-reduced drill wear and minimized heat-related hole defect.

Drill Lubricant Entry Board Storage conditions

1. back up board should stacked to prevent physical deformation.
2. The uppacked drill board should used as soon as possible to avoid long-term exposure to the air. resulting in changes in moisture content leading to hole board surface deformation.
3. Storage environment ventilated and dry indoor environment. Otherwise, in rainy season, it is easy to cause mould on the edge of the board.
4.When the original packaging is not destroyed and stored. the quality will not degraded after one year of storage.
5.storage:Wooden backup board should stay sealed in its initial packing until use. It must stored beneath the same heat. and humidity circumstances that surround the operating area. Rapid change of the conditions. may cause moisture fall out leading to subsequent warp.
7. Best storage at: 65° - 75°F (18° - 24°C),50% humidity
Lubricate backup ebtry board Packaging 

Lubrication backup board warning

PACKING: Cut panels loaded on pallets and shrink wrapped; optional packing. is also in 100 pcs shrink wrapped and loaded on pallets.
      Package: standard export pallet or according to the request of clients
 inner packing inside pallet wrapped with a 0.2mm plastic bag 
outer packing pallet covered with plywood and the PVC/steel tapes for strength
Packaging & Shipping
Packing Details  : Packing, pcs/carton
Packaging details: Pallet or as requested.
       the quality pcb backup board,inner core is HDF. it uses special melamine resin with superior hardness 80 +-5HD.  straight, not curved. Flat, hard surface provides the minimization of burring. Due to good hole quality, when drilled. the inner wall -of the hall is less contaminated and suitable for -precise drill. Due to minimizing Burr and Smear, good in soft and -hard board. reducing the drill bit wear out.

       Many backup board distributors are misleading customers. with lower priced softer wood lower hardness and density. As professional manufacturer.  export to many well-known brand name in this industry, we suggest you checking our samples. and compare them. with other vendors 'sample of the hardness, density & burring minimization. formaldehyde to ensure what you buy is worthwhile
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PCB Drill Lubrication Backup Materials supplier- YUESHAN

     Established in the year 1999 at Foshan, we, YUESHAN BACKUP BOARD. are prominent, Manufacturers, Exporters, of premium quality PCB wood backup board.  melamine backup board for PCB drill. We have been operating since the past two decades and have engaged in offering a vast array of PCB backup board.  melamine backup board for PCB drill at prices to clients. Our extensive experience has helped us meet the growing . demands of our clients nation-wide.
      Yeushan  known very well in the industry. for our quality products PCB drilling back up and entry board. our devotion and dedication levels, have been able to. lead the market of dealing in high end glass epoxy & phenolic . and allied products in the China Domestic Market.
      Our Back - Up Board follow International Quality Standards. and their quality and durability guranteed.
      Professional HDF,melamine backup board for PCB drill manufacturer-yueshan
      Quality control:The high-quality of wooden back-up board. assured by the tightest manufacture tolerances together. with permanent product control corresponding to ISO 9001.

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