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High density wood pcb drilling board(830-880)

back-up board designed for circuit board drilling. recommended for drilling of high-tech printed circuit boards, multilayers and flex-rigid boards. melamine wooden back up boards is free of phenolic resin and formaldehyde. melamine wooden b
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 melamine wood pcb drilling board

      back-up board designed for circuit board drilling.  recommended for drilling of high-tech printed circuit boards, multilayers and flex-rigid boards. melamine wooden back up boards is free of phenolic resin and formaldehyde. melamine wooden back up boards is non-toxic
      Back Up Board is a paper-base laminate with low phenolic resin content for hard, flat surfaces. This material used in the printed circuit board industry. as a backup for the drilling operation. It is also used in other industries for tooling stock. because of its ease of machining and good dimensional stability.
      The woodfiber backup board is a quality wood product. While prices, it is competitive with the environment on PCB drilling. It offers a wide range of special features that benefit our users. Circuit Board Drilling, Flexible Circuit Board Double Sided, Surface Mount, Back-Plane. High-Density Interconnect MLB, Chip Packaging – BGA
      melamine backing board are a wood base material. The flat, hard but flexible surface ensures. excellent cutting with almost any drilling tools. This material can used on both sides.
melamine fiberboard backing board are a wood base material. covered with melamine foil on both sides. This material has an extra flat, hard and smooth surface and above-average density (0.98 g/cm3). thus it is suitable for all applications (for all diameter holes). This material can used on both sides. and is suitable for multilayer, double sided PCBs, flex-rigid board

hdf wood

white pcb back up sheets description

Thickness: 2.50mm
Thickness Tolerance: &cjiamn; 0.15 mm
Size Tolerance: &cjiamn; 3 mm
Warpage: less than 0.6% of diagonal
Density: HDF – 850 kgs/m3 and above
Hardness: 70&cjiamn;5 Shores D (HDF)
Size: 37"×49"; 41"×49"; 43"×49"
Properties Units Need
Density G/cm2 ≥980
Hardness HD 80&cjiamn;5
Bending Srtength MPa ≥23
Modulus of Elasticity MPa ≥2700
Internal bond MPa ≥0.55
Water Absorption % ≤2
Moisture Content % ≤13
Dimensional Stability  
Length Direction  ≤0.5
Width Direction % ≥950
Thickness Direction  ≤0.5
emission of Formaldenhyde  ≤0.5
(Desiccator Method) MGL ≤1.5
hdf with white melamine foil double sided,density:
980+-30 kg/m3.
th.:2.0/2,50 mm +-0.15 mm.
Surafce:hardness 80+-5HD.
material straight,not curved,according to
send samples.
Packing:(packed 200 pcs/pallet)
backing boards size tolerance
Thickness tolerance: &cjiamn; 0.10mm
Width tolerance: &cjiamn; 3.30mm
Length tolerance: &cjiamn; 3.80mm
Diagonal tolerance: &cjiamn; 5.00mm

PCB drilling  Backup board features

Back-up boards manufactured for drilling purpose. produced on a flat press from cleaned wood fibers without the addition of phenolic glues.
Excellent flatness and thickness tolerance.
Condensed material close to the surface and very flat surface. due to more fine grinding minimizes burr and tool wear.
Homogeneous high-density core guarantees excellent chipping and cleaning of the drill.
Suitable for all drill diameters.
No hole contamination resulting from phenolic particles or resin smear.
Free from formaldehyde.
Reduced drill wear; the wood fibers relieved from resin. and sand clean the cutting edge of the drill and thus keep them sharp longer. The drill debris can removed through the drill flute. which reduces the danger of drill breakage. The lower friction keeps the drill in a more favorable temperature range.
hole wall roughness ≤ 30μm. hole position offset ≤ 75μm. hole position accuracy CPK ≥ 1.33, and the nail head. is less than twice the inner layer copper thickness.I drill wear, drill broken. and burr.
 for the pcb hole size 0.15mm hole . the drilling performance of the  backup board  :phenolic paper pad.  > hot pressing melamine backup board >.  fast pressing type melamine wood board > Cold-laid melamine wood mat.  > phenolic wood mat ≈ UV plain board > high-density wood-fiber board.

backup board manufacturing process

melamine coated entry board advantages

      In recent years, there has been the development of an important market  trend. to create increase  slim and sleek circular panel for electrical products. above all mobile phone application. thus , the majority  of  PCB manufactures  aim to perfect develop muti-board. fine circular lines and high performance panel. so they  need a fine and high strength drill , to execute maximum quality work. essential is an optimal quality  entry board to ensure the best possible performance. before, the highest performance entry board  . have produced by the USA and Japan, although.  most of demand is from G China market.
      In this paper, the drilling characteristics of aluminum (Al) entry boards. resin coated Al entry boards. and phenolic resin entry boards investigated. The chip removal, chip morphology, thrust force, and drilling temperature measured and analyzed. The cutting characteristics among those materials compared. In addition, the influence of alloy materials. on thrust force of entry boards analyzed.

       The results demonstrated four efficacy of entry boards. including chip removal, heat dissipation, buffering. and location. The function of location and buffering reflected in the beginning of drilling. Effect of chip removal and heat dissipation related to material of entry board. The resin coated Al entry board performed better than aluminum entry board in buffer. and chip removal. Moreover the influence of coating resin. and its thickness on drilling process of entry board was obvious. Chips of aluminum entry board were easy to wrapping the drill bit than that of resin coated Al entry board.

       Thermal deformation of coating resin can increase the curl of aluminum chip. thus contributing to the chip removal. The effect of alloy material on thrust force was significant. The increase of coating resin thickness. can enhance the buffer effect on thrust force in some degree. The heat dissipation of MVC resin melamine coated entry board in PCB drilling was the best.

Back up board price

      As manufacturer direct sales, yueshan backup board sells with big price advantage.  the price we offered based on production cost but not from any distributors or vendors. Even some well-known online companies are actually reseller of China factory products.  so why do not work with yueshan to save more ?
       Notice below backup board price is for your reference only.  which could be up and down from time to time due to raw material cost fluctuation in the market. Our MOQ shipping is 1*20GP, smaller quantity order will make the unit price increase a little bit. Some special CUT need for our job has to negotiated before order.

Drill backup entry sheet manufacturers - Yueshan

       Cutting panels to size, according to customer requirements. We cut material with high speed cutting tools, which offers clean and precise cuts. Our standard cutting tolerance is &cjiamn; 0,50 mm.
-Yueshan supplied in a moistureprotective packing designed to . provide a barrieragainst moisture absorption from the atmosphere.
-remain in its originalpacking until use. 
-It should stored under the same temperature. and humidity conditions as in the working area. -Rapid change of environmentalconditions will cause warp. 

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