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High density Wood fiberboard for PCB Drill

high density wood fibreboard, with no added resin. ideally suited as an exit material for drilling and routing single sided. double sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. it has the advantages: Excellent flatness and thickness tolerance Homogene
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Back up Materials -  high density fiberboard 

      Also referred to as hardboard, a high density fiberboard (HDF) for PCB drill.  is a type of engineered wood product. It’s made from wood fiber extracted from chips and pulped wood waste. HDF for flooring is similar but much harder. and denser than particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF) for flooring. It has a density greater than 50 pounds per cubic foot or 800 kg per cubic meter. This makes for a perfect stabilizing material for PCB drilling
       high density fiberboard  Wooden backup made with wood fibers, uncoated. Hard wooden backup made with density wood fibers. and coated on both sides with a proprietary white resin. Hard wooden backup made with high density wood fiberboard. and coated on both sides with a special grey melamine. Backup made with a hard wood laminated on both sides. Hard wood laminated on both sides coated paper skin with revolutionary lubricating properties

       HDF board is a wood fiber board made from fine wood fibers. The board is homogeneous through and through. has a particular dense, smooth, surface which is harder than MDF board. Due to its flatness and excellent treatment possibilities HDF board can e cut. drilled, painted or processed in other ways. HDF board used to build furniture such as kitchen cupboard doors, tables etc. This material is. also used in Raw Material HDF is High Density Fiberboard. and is like particle board and medium-density board but it is much denser and stronger. It made by compressing wood fibers . Style/Finishing HDF is a much stronger board compared to MDF. and it gives a smooth and uniform surface wherever it applied.

       HDF does not have any grain and it can finished by applying paint on it. If you want wood grain finishing then you would need to put a veneer. or teak ply on the HDF board Maintenance To protect HDF the steps below should taken. Make sure that the board does not get in touch with water as it can damage it. Clean the board with a clean soft cloth to remove the dust. Do not mop with damp cloth. Once you finish the HDF with paint or veneer wood. then the maintenance steps for those finishes should followed .

       Advantages HDF comes with a smooth surface. HDF is High density board has more strength compared to MDF . and Particle board Great solution for indoor and outdoor furniture. wall paneling, furniture, room partitions, and doors. Disadvantages HDF is the best board when compared with particle board and MDF. Still a lot of carpenters prefer wood block board compared to HDF as. they are more confident about the nail holding capabilities of natural wood. whose blocks used to build the block board.

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high density wood backing material advantages

Standard backup
Low price / stable quality
Can used for drilling / routing
Very good flatness
Smooth matt white finish
Outstanding price / quality ratio
High density
Reduced exit burrs and drill wear
Improved quality of holes
Good visual control
Less warpage
Tighter thickness tolerance
Consistent hardness : Shore "D" Scale 80-85
Reduces exit burrs
Recycled as Melamine
overlay: Low coefficient of friction / Extended drill life
Reduced drill temperature often below Tg of substrate. Improved Hole Wall Quality (less roughness. reduced nail heading)
Extended Tool Life Up to 5,000 hits (20 to 30% drill bit life increase)
Water Soluble lubricating agent

drilled melamine board technology - HDI

      High-density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards (PCB) are an  integral. part of the PCB and electronics industries. Electronic components are becoming smaller and more lightweight but still demand ever-improving performance. To accommodate this, you need to pack more functionality into a smaller area. That’s what HDI PCBs offer.
       HDI PCBs have a higher circuitry density per unit than conventional PCBs. They use a combination of buried and blind vias, as well as microvias — those that are 0.006″ or less in diameter. High-density circuit boards are PCBs with one or more of the following features:
Through vias and buried vias
Through vias from surface to surface
At least two layers with through vias
Coreless construction with layer pairs
Passive substrate constructions that have no electrical connection
Alternative constructions of coreless builds with layer pairs
HDI PCB and MicroviasHDI technology in printed circuit boards . and other areas has been a critical driver for developing many of the electronics. we use today, especially those that have decreased in size and weight in recent years. The smaller the equipment gets, the more likely it is to use HDI technology.
       The tight tolerances involved in working with HDI printed circuit boards. means you need to partner with an experienced supplier. Even a small defect or layout mishap can cause significant problems. As a leading HDI printed circuit board supplier, Millennium Circuits Limited. can deliver top-quality boards. that have a higher circuitry density than your traditional PCB.

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 HDI Technology advantages

      HDI technology provides various advantages over. other options that can improve the results of your project. With the right design and the right supplier. using HDI boards in your product can improve its quality and performance. as well as your customer satisfaction rate and bottom line. Other advantages include:
       Smaller Size and Lower Weight: With HDI boards, you can secure more components on both sides of the raw PCB. allowing you to get more functionality out of a smaller space. and expanding the capabilities of the equipment. HDI technology enables you to add functionality. while reducing the size and weight of your products.
       Improved Electrical Performance: A shorter distance between components. and a higher number of transistors can mean improved electrical performance. These features allow for lower power consumption, which improves signal integrity. Smaller sizes correlate to quicker signal transmissions. and more significant reductions in signal losses and crossing delays.
        Increased Cost-Effectiveness: With proper planning and manufacturing. HDI boards can be more cost-effective than other options. because they need fewer raw materials due to their smaller size and the low number of layers they need. For a product that would have once required  many traditional PCBs, you may be able to use one HDI board. You’re able to get more functionality and value out of a smaller area and less material.
      Faster Production Times: The ability to use fewer materials. and even fewer boards — combined with design efficiencies. linked to HDI technology can translate to faster production times. and a shorter timeframe needed to get your product to market. Components and via are easy to place in HDI PCBs. and the high electrical performance reduces the time needed for testing and troubleshooting.
       Enhanced Reliability: The smaller aspects ratios and the high quality construction of microvias. can increase the reliability of your board and your product. The improved performance and reliability HDI PCBs provide will lead to reduced costs. and more satisfied customers.

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      Hardboard is a high-density fibreboard (HDF), also sometimes known as Masonite. Hardboard sheets manufactured from exploded wood fibres, which have compressed. This makes the hardboard panel hard in strength. and dense more so than its medium-density fibreboard cousin.
      Hardboard sheets, which does not split or crack, is an ideal choice . for construction, furniture, flooring, automobiles. home appliances and cabinetry.
       We have a variety of sizes and styles, like our pegboards. all available at very competitive prices. What’s more, 
Not too sure what you need? Not to worry, we’re here to help. As experienced hardboard and pegboard suppliers. we know our product and are happy to tell you on what will suit your needs best.
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