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We specializes in manufacture and supply pcb sheet drill material 2.0/2.5/2.7 melamine wood fibre backup board,aluminium entry board  to pcb drill factory pcb board manufacturing process since 1999

Micro drill size hole pcb backup board

BackUp Board is a melamine paper-base laminate with low phenolic resin content for hard, flat surface... .

Wood fiberboard back up board for PCB drilling

Back up Board for pcb drilling is boards of different types of wood fibreboard,. made of urea formald... .

Pcb board drilling backing material

White Melamine Wood Backup Board is a board made up of urea formaldehyde or other resin and phenolic ... .

Phenolic board repacement for PCB circuit board drilling

white melamine backup board ,design to replace Phenolic board, made up of paper impregnated with phen... .

PCB drill board

PCB driller Back Up DRILL Board is a paper-base laminate with low phenolic resin content for hard, fl... .

High density Wood fiberboard for PCB Drill

high density wood fibreboard, with no added resin. ideally suited as an exit material for drilling an... .

High density wood pcb drilling board(830-880)

back-up board designed for circuit board drilling. recommended for drilling of high-tech printed cir... .

pcb drilling Entry backup board

pcb drilling Aluminum Sheet Entry backup board made from a special aluminium alloy. with a hard temp... .

pcb drill bits backup board melamine backing board

Back Up Board is a paper-base laminate with low phenolic resin content for hard, flat surfaces. This ... .

drill pcb sheet material entry board

Phenolic Drill Entry Board material is constructed of layers of kraft papers impregnated with modifie... .

Lubricant White Backup Board

Lubricated backup board is a new type of composite drill backing board. The main features are drill ... .

PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board for PCB CNC

PCB Drill Materials White Melamine Backup Board. for PCB CNC Drilling Machine features a formulated l... .

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Yueshan decoration industry Co.,ltd is a professional manufacture for kinds of pcb sheet material :melamine fibre board backup board for pcb drill factory pcb manufacture process


  • What is theBackup board HS Code ? China Backup board HS Code for PCB drilling is : 4411929000...[详细]

  • Pcb Drilling backup board suppliers Melamine Backup Board Wholesale -Yueshan. Yueshan Is specializing in the production of the. printed circuit board (PCB) accessories. We provide PCB drilling backup board. To be a good supplier with white...[详细]